Sailor US 50 State Ink Series - Virginia (20ml Bottle)

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This 20ml bottle of Sailor USA 50 State Ink Series Virginia Red was inspired by its state bird and one of the most recognizable birds in North America - the Cardinal. This ink's red sheen is reminiscent of the beauty of the Cardinal’s red plumage against the backdrop of white Virginian winter days. Perfect for jotting down inspirational thoughts or sending a personal card.

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Volume - 20ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Red

1 Review

Greg May 31, 2021

Really stunning red with brownish-gold sheen

I haven't really put this ink through its paces yet, so I cannot opine on general performance, but I can tell you that the brown sheen on top of the deep base red in this ink is very reminiscent of the sheen in J. Herbin Rouge Hematite. But the sheen is far more attractive and less distracting in the Sailor ink. In the Herbin, I've found that the brown can completely take over at times (maybe I need to shake the bottle or the pen), whereas the brown sheen in the Sailor ink merely complements the underlying deep and beautiful red color. I think that red is accurately described as a cardinal red, a somewhat dark red but still obviously a red rather than maroon. (On my computer monitor, the swab on the Anderson Pens website is more of a maroon color, whereas the actual ink is deep RED. Buy a sample if you're unsure, if and when samples become available. But at $1.25/ml for a whole bottle, those samples are going to be awfully pricey.)

I wasn't too worried about the exact color; I bought this ink because of a personal connection to the state of Virginia rather than specifically for the color or the performance of the ink. Kinda crazy for ink that sells for $1.20/ml, but that's what I did! Fortunately, I've been very pleased.

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