Sailor Yurameku Kangyou Ink (20ml Bottle)


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This 20ml bottle of Sailor Yurameku Kangyou fountain pen ink is smooth-flowing and specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens. Sailor Yurameku Kangyou is a dusty shade of purple, inspired by the cold dawn sky.

The Yurameku Inks by Sailor offer 9 new colors ranging from soft browns to cloudy blues, to earthy greens and delicate purples. Perhaps what is most exciting about Yurameku inks by Sailor is that these colors will change depending on the size of the nib on your fountain pen, the paper that is used, as well as the length of time that the inks have to develop on the paper.

Use our Ink Comparison Tool to quickly and easily view different colors side by side.

Volume - 20ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Purple