Section Pliers

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Coated section pliers for use in removing sections from pens. Also good for grabbing any other number of parts, snorkel blind caps, barrels and anything else your imagination can come up with. Always use with caution as too much force can cause damage to your pen.

3 Reviews

John Mar 4th 2019

Section Pliers

I had problems with two of my pens, even after soaking them. After the pliers arrived I put it to the test. It was a breeze. With the amount of torque it took I would have ruined both pens with out using the section pliers.

Daniel DB Jan 18th 2019

Perfect tool

I was looking to pick one of these up eventually but Brians video made me pull the trigger... Don't worry Brian I did not harm any human, animal, insect and or microbe while reviewing this product. Come to think of it I don't even own a gun.

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