Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen - Gloss Black

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The Sheaffer 300 fountain pen shown here in Gloss Black features a glossy black lacquer over brass body and cap that is accented by shiny chrome trim.  The Sheaffer 300 fountain pen feels impressively weighty yet luxurious in the hand, and utilizes a snap cap mechanism to close the pen. The smooth steel nib is available in Fine or Medium nib sizes, making this a versatile choice for personal use or as a gift. One of the best features is the distinctive “catch” when you post the cap on the end of the barrel. There is no question that the cap in on securely, and you can write enthusiastically without fear of your cap flying across the room. A Sheaffer proprietary converter for use with bottled ink, as well as a Sheaffer cartridge are included in the gift box.

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1 Review

Will Nov 20, 2017

Great pen and great price.

I bought this pen as my beginner fountain pen, thinking I would buy a more expensive pen once I had a better sense of what I liked. But, this may be the perfect pen for me. It has great weight and balance and feels really good in my hand. I like the friction cap. It stays firmly in place, but pulls off easily and posts well (I don't have the patience for a cap that screws on/off). It rights beautifully. All of this at a great price.

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