Size 16 Latex Sac


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One size 16 latex rubber sac for fountain pen restoration. One of the most common sac sizes. The size 16 latex sac is what you need for the restoration of Esterbrook J, SJ, and LP pens, and many other pens.

Please note: Price is per sac. Pen sacs are measured in 64ths of an inch diameter. Most sacs will need to be trimmed prior to use and are intentionally made longer than necessary.

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Sir Fix-a-Lot May 29th 2018

Old Reliables--won't touch pens without 'em

No, seriously--review SACS? They've been made the same way since 1915 and these are still around for a reason. Won't use silicone while we have these all-natural beauties. They also have not punctured, and I do tend to use DIY graphite lubes instead of talc when I rebuild. They fill quickly, adhere easily, and are in general really great parts.

anthony giacobbe May 29th 2018

ink sacs

Excellent product and advice. Used shellac from a wood working friend of mine and the pen works very well. Thank You.

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