Taccia Kimono Pen Roll - 8 Pen, Sakura Festival


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Taccia's Kimono Pen Rolls are the most unique and elegant pen keepers available. Crafted in the centuries-old weaving techniques, designed and sewn in Kyoto, Japan, each Kimono Pen Roll delicately and securely houses and protects your most treasured writing instruments.

The Taccia Kimono 8 Pen Roll shown here in the Sakura Festival pattern, stores multiple pens. Inspired by the traditional Japanese Kimono robe, each Kimono Pen Roll safely tucks your writing instruments in tightly woven polyester, fastened by a traditional rope and hook. For our Kimono Pen Rolls, we have carefully selected bespoke patterns to add personality to this stunning, one-of-a-kind pen case, and to shelter your pens in the most beautiful way possible.

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