TWSBI Diamond 580 Fountain Pen - Clear

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The idea behind the TWSBI Diamond 580 Clear fountain pen was to go back to basics and capture the simplicity and elegance of traditional writing instruments. The Diamond 580 is a classically styled fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system, smooth-writing steel nib and a screw-on cap. The traditional mechanism of the fountain pen, combined with a modern industrial design, embodies both the past and the present.

The TWSBI Diamond 580 piston ink-filling system uses only bottled ink and the clear body allows the user to view the level of ink remaining in the pen at all times. The Diamond 580 fountain pen has all detachable parts, as TWSBI felt that it was important to allow the user to disassemble and reassemble the pen to completely experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen.

3 Reviews

Mike Murphy Nov 20th 2017

Rediscovering cursive

70 years old and rediscovering cursive. The TWSBI makes it a pleasure. A quality product with excellence service from Anderson Pens. Thanks, Mike Murphy

Mike Murdy Nov 20th 2017

LOVE MY NEW TWSBI Diamond 580, clear EF

This pen is everything the marketing promised. It is well made, balanced and functions perfectly. Top it off with stunning good looks and you have a writing tool that would be a good value at twice the price. I have relatively small hands and prefer to write without posting the cap of my pens, so this pen is a terrific fit for me. I believe the nib is a Jowo #5 steel EF, which is firm and fair, I may polish it a bit, but it is NOT overly toothy. The pen really is a blast to use. I love watching the ink slosh around in the chamber! I have already tested it in my various journals, Moleskines, Webbies, Quo Vadis, etc. and I am confident it will become a regular in my rotation of fountain pens. Anderson Pens packed this pen (and my ink well and leather pen case) with extra loving care and exceeded my expectations with their super speedy shipping. I highly recommend this pen and the fine merchants of Anderson Pens.

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