TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - Black

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The TWSBI ECO, shown here in Black, is a classically styled fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system, smooth-writing steel nib and a screw-on cap, at a lower price point than any of the other TWSBI fountain pens thus far. The traditional mechanism of the fountain pen, combined with a modern industrial design, embodies both the past and the present. This pen runs about the same in length as the Diamond 580 and is just a tiny bit thinner.

The TWSBI ECO piston ink-filling system uses only bottled ink and the clear body allows the user to view the level of ink remaining in the pen at all times. One difference between the ECO fountain pen and the other TWSBI pens is that the ECO does not have a removable nib unit, and the barrel and nib unit are all one piece. There will not be separate nib units for this pen.

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3 Reviews

Scott Cullen-Benson Jun 22nd 2020

Excellent everyday pen

I have been using TWSBI pens for some time now and as far as a fountain pen built for everyday use, this is my favorite. Yes, it's an acrylic but not cheap looking or with a cheap feel. It's piston fill is easy to use and the ink reservoir is large. I like the medium nib - it never skips and is especially sturdy. I like my fountain pens sturdy with no fru fru which just adds useless cost. I think the price for the ECO makes it a great value.

Scott May 29th 2018

" TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - Black, Extra Fine Nib "

A nice writing entry level pen.

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