TWSBI SWIPE Fountain Pen - Prussian Blue

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The TWSBI SWIPE fountain pen in Prussian Blue is the 1st TWSBI fountain pen that uses a cartridge or a converter for bottled ink - and comes packages with a traditional twist piston converter, a spring-loaded piston converter, and a short standard international cartridge (yes all 3 are included)! The translucent body allows you to see your ink level, and the pen also boasts a clear grip section and snap-cap.

The TWSBI SWIPE fountain pen also uses the same #4 size steel nib that is found on the TWSBI ECO and TWSBI GO fountain pens. 

2 Reviews

Angy Oct 03, 2021


Regardless of how much I spend on pens with gold nibs and known names, nine times out of ten I still reach for a TWSBI.

The Swipe (got mine in Prussian Blue, medium nib) is their best! It so definitely in the running to tie for the smoothest nib I have. And that's right out of the box using the included cartridge. Speaking of which, this nice of a pampering workhorse coming with a cartridge plus two different converters? YES PLEASE! And these things hold a good amount of ink! It's gotta be more than a standard int'l cartridge.

I gotta say, if it wasn't for the price plus converters, I wouldn't have bought it. I hope this isn't an introductory price as that may kill the line. I look forward to more colors & design and of course more chunky TWSBI ink carts in tons of color, sheen and shimmer! They need to keep the snap lid and low profile clip as well.

Russell Sep 06, 2021


Amazing quality/price ratio, as with the TWSBIs ECO and GO, but more professional looking. Cartridges and spring and screw converter options to make everyone happy

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