TWSBI SWIPE Fountain Pen - Smoke

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The TWSBI SWIPE fountain pen in Smoke Grey is the 1st TWSBI fountain pen that uses a cartridge or a converter for bottled ink - and comes packages with a traditional twist piston converter, a spring-loaded piston converter, and a short standard international cartridge (yes all 3 are included)! The translucent body allows you to see your ink level, and the pen also boasts a clear grip section and snap-cap.

The TWSBI SWIPE fountain pen also uses the same #4 size steel nib that is found on the TWSBI ECO and TWSBI GO fountain pens. 

1 Review

Bart Grossman Sep 07, 2021

SWIPE? No, buy one

The Swipe is a great edu pen. The broad nib on mine is perfect - smooth and wet.. The pen is light and easy to carry, and it posts relatively deeply without any impact on the balance. At this price it's a great knock-around writer. If you should lose or break it, it won't be a big deal to buy another. It would also be a great beginner's pen.

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