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The TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen in Clear is a departure from the piston filler fountain pens found in the rest of the TWSBI lineup. The TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen has a clear acrylic body, which makes checking the level of your ink a breeze, accented by a black grip section and turning knob. The smooth writing steel nib, frosted clip, and silver trim accents make this larger sized pen a real workhorse!

The Vac700R fountain pen has been updated from the original Vac700 fountain pen by modifying the 2 valves in the older version into one valve in the new model. The grip and feed section of the pen has also been enlarged and tapered, which combined with the valve modification, increased the ink flow of the pen by a small percentage. Because of these changes to the pens and nib units, the TWSBI stainless steel Vac700R replacement nib will fit only the new Vac700R fountain pen, and will NOT fit the older Vac 700 pens.

This vacuum filler pen holds a LARGE amount of ink, and fills by unscrewing the end cap, pulling it out, and then the pen fills on the downstroke. Be sure to hold the pen in the ink for several seconds after pushing the end cap in, and for best results, you should do this twice. The TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen fills with bottled ink only, and for best filling results, the TWSBI Vac 20A ink bottle is a wonderful option.

TWSBI believes that it is important to allow the user to disassemble and reassemble the pen, in order to completely experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen. The TWSBI pen packaging includes a wrench and silicone grease.

** Please note that these accessories are not intended to be used immediately, as they are better used for long-term care and maintenance. In addition, please use extra care if you choose to disassemble the pen, as breakage or cracking could occur if done incorrectly.

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7 Reviews

NontradStudent Aug 03, 2020

A caveat

This pen is fantastic. It is glassy smooth and holds enough ink for any writing task short of The Great American Novel (though it would probably serve for The Great American Novelette). There is one thing to be aware of, though.

I got mine with a medium nib,and when I first inked it with Noodler's Heart of Darkness it wrote a size larger; i.e., more like a broad. HoD has never done that to me before, so I got a fine nib and installed it. And it was a truly Western fine this time. Later, when I changed inks, I reinstalled the medium nib and thoroughly flushed the pen. This time the pen wrote more like the medium I thought I was getting the first time. I wanted to do an A/B between the ink in it and Heart of Darkness so I flushed it out again and refilled it with HoD. And got a medium line.

I thought on the matter and came to the conclusion that there was some amount of release agent still present on the feed, and that caused the ink to spread more than it normally would. Flushing the pen washed this out, and after it was gone the pen acted the way it was supposed to. That was my fault, not the pen's, so I am not taking any stars off my rating for that.

Lou May 29, 2018


Can't ask for better, quicker service.

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