TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen - Smoke

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New in August 2016!! The long-awaited TWSBI Vac Mini fountain pen in Smoke is a departure from the piston filler fountain pens found in the rest of the TWSBI lineup. The TWSBI Vac Mini fountain pen has a translucent smoke colored plastic body, which makes checking the level of your ink a breeze. The smooth writing steel nib, and silver clip and trim accents make this pen a real workhorse! The Vac Mini fountain pen is slightly shorter than the Vac 700 fountain pen, and features a few design changes that you will love!

This vacuum filler pen holds a LARGE amount of ink, and fills by unscrewing the end cap, pulling it out, and then the pen fills on the downstroke. Be sure to hold the pen in the ink for several seconds after pushing the end cap in, and for best results, you should do this twice. The TWSBI Vac Mini fountain pen fills with bottled ink only, and for best filling results, the TWSBI Vac 20A ink bottle is a wonderful option.

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1 Review

Jose May 23rd 2018

Nice pen but runs dry

Really like the size, design, and piston fill method. Unfortunately the pen tends to runs dry after a moderate amount of writing. Shaking the pen seems to get the flow going again.

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