TWSBI Vac Mini Nib Unit - Fine

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This TWSBI stainless steel Fine replacement nib was designed for the TWSBI Vac Mini fountain pen, so that you can change different nibs to suit your mood. Just unscrew the section, push out the old nib unit and insert the new one.

1 Review

Patrick Arwood Nov 20, 2017

Much better than the EF I bought with my pen.

I bought my TWSBI Vac Mini with an EF nib, because I'm using it for my Bullet Journal and figured it would help with bleeding, space, etc. Thankfully these replacement nibs came out, because the EF is just too tiny and too scratchy.

This Fine nib is everything I needed, it's Fine line width and good flow make it perfect for my Bullet Journaling needs!

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