Visconti Green Ink Sample (3ml Vial)

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A 3ml sample of Visconti Green fountain pen ink, labeled with the name of the ink brand and color, in a plastic ink sample vial with a dip at the bottom to allow you to easily get every drop. Visconti Green is a gorgeous, rich shade of green.

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Volume - 3ml

Vial Material - Plastic

Color Group - Green

2 Reviews

Jonathan May 24, 2018

My New Favorite Ink

This ink is fantastic. I love the flow of the ink and the color is excellent. It is very much an electric green that gives quite a bit of shading. Obviously, not a waterproof ink. Overall, I love this stuff and plan on buying a bottle.

Melissa Fiori Nov 20, 2017

A vibrant, wet emerald

I don't like most greens for writing--too showy--but this Visconti ink is pleasing. There is the slightest hint of blue. The ink goes down very wet, and so I am getting some nice shading effects just in my normal writing: an almost blackish green color where the ink pools (in my downstrokes and descenders), a paler and purer emerald shade in my upstrokes. I would recommend this ink if you like wet, vibrant greens.

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