Visconti Homo Sapiens Fountain Pen - Dark Crystal


MSRP: $1,195.00
(You save $239.00 )
Pen Type:
Fountain Pen
Nib Material:
18kt Gold
Filling Mechanism:

The Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal fountain pen is an outstanding pen, that takes the best of the unique benefits of the original, award-winning Homo Sapiens fountain pen and the newer Crystal Dream fountain pen and adds a few upgrades and modifications, such as:


Smoky Ink Chamber: The most obvious modification to the body of the pen is the addition of a large transparent window made from acrylic resin. A large section of lava has been cut out of the pen body and replaced with a piece of smoky acrylic tube, giving the pen a unique appearance and identity. This 'oversize' window offers the user a view of stored ink inside the pen and the pen's 'double reservoir' power filling system.

Upgraded Double Reservoir: The original Homo Sapiens fountain pen featured Visconti's single reservoir power filling system. The Crystal Dream has been upgraded to Visconti's patented double reservoir power filler - a vacuum filling system that is easy to use and holds an enormous amount of ink. Patented in 1998, this is arguably the most advanced filling system ever developed in fountain pen history. You can fill the pen with the equivalent of 10 cartridges of ink, and thanks to the two reservoirs, prevents ink from leaking during air travel.

Smoky Crystal Ring: The final change is the small ring around the grip section. Metal has been replaced with smoky acrylic resin, offering a view of stored ink in the pen's second smaller ink reservoir.

As with the original Homo Sapiens, the Dark Crystal is made from volcanic lava rock, making the pen virtually unbreakable, naturally hygroscopic and very comfortable to write with. All trims are made from steel with ruthenium plating and the cap closes with Visconti's patented 'hook safe lock'. The Homo Sapiens Dark Crystal is a must-have for every Visconti pen enthusiast.

The Homo Sapiens is handmade from hardened basaltic lava sourced from the Mount Etna volcano in Italy, with trim made of solid bronze. Visconti lava is virtually unbreakable, comfortable and warm to the touch - and slightly hygroscopic, absorbing moisture from your hand. The basaltic lava is mixed with resin to create this pen.

The pen caps using the Visconti 'Hook Safe Lock', a revolutionary capping system so you can cap a pen without worrying about the cap accidentally unscrewing in your pocket and leaking. The fountain pen's double reservoir vacuum power filler is made of titanium to resist ink corrosion, and it features a ruthenium-plated oversized 18kt gold nib to match the trim color.

You can also customize this pen with the magnetized MyPen System. Choose from letters or natural stones that you can swap into the finial in place of the Visconti logo coin.

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