Visconti My Pen System - Hematite

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Personalize your Visconti pen with this Hematite natural stone option, one of the many options as part of the Visconti My Pen System. This magnetized stone replaces the Visconti logo coin on the top of the cap of the regular edition Visconti pens, which include the Breeze, Mirage, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Homo Sapiens and others.

The semi-precious natural stone can be easily removed with a strong magnet, or if purchased as an add-on to one of the Visconti pens listed above, we can install it for you. Other options such as letters and Oriental or Western Zodiac coins are available as well.

1 Review

Courtney Nov 20, 2017

Nice addition to my Visconti pen.

I really like how nice the Hematite Natural Stone looks on my pen. Something subtle to make my pen different. It seems like the stone is small for the top of the pen cap and it doesn't fill into the impression all of the way but it doesn't make me regret adding it on.

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