Herbin Vert Pre Ink Cartridges (6 Pack)

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A container of 6 Herbin Vert Pre fountain pen ink cartridges. Herbin Vert Pre fountain pen ink cartridges are standard short international size, and will fit most fountain pens that accept international cartridges. Please note that they will not fit in pens by Lamy, Sheaffer (except the VFM), Parker, Cross, Pilot, Sailor and many others that use proprietary cartridges.

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Color Group - Green

Quantity per Pack - 6

Cartridge Type - Standard International Short

2 Reviews

Mikej2u Nov 20, 2017

The place to buy J. Herbin Ink Cartridges

Sure everyone sells it, but "out of stock" delays, common elsewhere, just don't happen here, and the packaging is BULLETPROOF, insuring you get perfect product. Finally, their ORDER TRUN-AROUND is Amazing. The only way it could be faster is if they shipped before you ordered. ANDERSON PENS never lets you down.

Martha McRedmond Nov 20, 2017



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